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Here, we have published articles related to tea and tea business, written by experts and by everyday tea users. This articles will give you an indepth insights on tea. These will help you take right decissions when you buy tea for your business or for your home use.

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Starting an Online Successful Tea selling business.

Online Tea selling has become a good business now. Open any Online website, you will find many Tea Listings. You will get Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, South Indian Tea, Kangra Valley Tea, Dooars Tea, all are being sold online by e commerce companies and B to B Portals.
Generally tea quality is not bad but cost is very high. Company displaying a tea packet and asking for Rs 300. As a consumer, you happily order Assam or Darjeeling tea at Rs 300, but after the product is delivered, you find the the tea packet contains only 100 to, if you are lucky, 500 grams. That mean, tea you bought costs you Rs 600 to Rs 3000 per kg. Where as, you will get very good Assam loose tea at Rs 300 per kg. Now lets find out why these company's charges 2 to 10 times more than normal price. First reason most of these online sellers, do not have any factory, they buy it from Assam Tea Wholesalers and sell it online with their own name. 2ndly, All online e commerce companies charges very high rate. In 2014,we sold some tea through a popular e commerce company in India. They were charging Rs 30 per kg tea sold. Now if you are selling your product at Rs 250 per kg, it becomes Rs 280 per kg. This commission is based on sale price of your product. So higher the sale price, higher is the commission. 3rdly,all business to business portals are charging at least Rs 250 to to Rs 500 per sale leads. More the sale leads, less per sale lead payments. So when you pay these portal for sales lead, it is natural that you will add these costs to your sale price. If you are paid members of 3 business to business portal and paid Rs 5000 to Rs 15000 for sale leads, you will try to recover your investment as much as possible from the buyers of your product. Hence, high cost of your tea. This high price of tea is prohibiting many customers to go for better quality tea. This and other similar sites are expected to cut the price. If this site can do, what it intends to do, online tea buying will be far cheaper.

Roop Neel
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