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Tea business knowledge - Tea is a fascinating business. Tea market is wide. it is everywhere, in your lane, on your main road, in your city or any part of your state.
You can start tea stall in everywhere, in every corner. Tea business does not require a main road or a prominent area to thrive. it only requires presence or movement of people around. it. You can open a tea stall or tea shop in a lane or on a main road. Everywhere you will get customers.

it can give you income for years, for generations. You can open a small tea business by investing a few thousands rupees or you may start a all India basis tea company investing crores of rupees or you can start anywhere in between a few thousands and a few crores.
Tea business is easy business.
But like all businesses, tea business has also some risks, only when you do not know anything about tea.
For starting a tea packet Brand or loose tea business, you should have normal knowledge of tea.
For example how will you find out the tea quality and and if the price offere to is fair or not.
Honestly, you already know almost everything about tea business. Only thing you do not know is that you already know about tea.
Here are some articles on tea by tea experts, tea garden managers and everyday tea users. You will be easily successfull if you just refresh your memory by reading it sometime.

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