Our Recommended BP Rs 160
BP @ ₹165
Assam TeaPrimary OF
Primary OF @ ₹120
Assam Tea
Green Tea
Assam Tea PD
Primary PD @ ₹120
Our Recommended PD Rs 155
PD@ ₹155
We sell minimum 20 kg in Retail and 100 Kg in wholesale Direct from Garden. For Black tea minimum is 100 KG.

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Very Good:

Assam tea in Gujarat, directly from Assam. This is better QUALITY Assam tea at CHEAPER price @ ₹ 110

  No information is given on phone. You have to   read   this site for all information. ONLY to ORDER our tea or sample.
Assam Tea in Gujarat
Gujarat is a leading business center. Many successful tea brands are run from Gujarat with Assam tea for over decades.
Everyone drinks tea, everyday, not less than 5/6 times a day.
It is such a good business that you can start it from your home and become successful .

Wholesale Price in Gujarat
Currently, our Auction and wholesale tea prices/kg are All tea gardens have beenClosed since 17th December 2021 to virtually Mid March 2022. Have you kept sufficient stock for next 3 months?

We enlist tea here after at least 2 independent testings by two experts. All the tea mentioned below are rated under Quality Score. So you are always assured of good quality tea and same quality throughout the year.
Minimum quantity is on offer has been mentioned in the right hand side.

(Better quality Assam Tea Retail sale, We suggest Retail Tea)
Current Week's Tea on Offer from Wednesday to next Tuesday. To Buy it, Book it within 23 January 2022. For Related Tea Images, Scroll Below.
Upper Assam Tea, Recommended Under OT.
Stock in Hand
No Garden.GradeQuality ScorePrice in RsQuantity (K.G.)
Offered in Auction Prices may go up by Rs 10 to Rs 20 per Kg.
Sl No Garden.GradeQuality Score
1 to 10 Scale
Price in RsQuantity (K.G.)
35GBNDust14.6₹13 5462
To avail wholesale price, you require to buy at least 500 kg at a time.
Minimum quantity from auction, as mentioned the price chart.
Next Assam tea auction is on 05-07-2021. Transportation from Assam and taxes extra.

Wholesale Price of Packet Tea in Gujarat
We also offer distributorship or Dealership of our packet tea in your area. Wholesale price of Our packet tea, starts from ₹ 250 to ₹ 300 per kg. Generally our MRP is ₹ 450, but buyer can modify this depending on transportation cost and local requirements.
To become our distributor, you need to buy our packet or loose tea, at least for 3 months. Depending on your total transacktion for all 3 months, we may offer you exclusive distributorship for your district or State.

Free tea sample for Gujarat
We will happily give free tea sample to all buyers, but problem is, we sell our tea throughout India, even giving free 10 gram tea sample to 125 crore Indian is a magnificient costly affair.
You may take maximum 750 gram samples, consisting of main 10 qualities at Rs 1000 including Speed Post courier charges. Alternatively, You may take minimum 6 samples of 75 gram each at Rs 600.
You can make 30 cups of tea with our 75 gram sample.
We do not sell sample. Sample charge will be refunded on your first order.The money you deposit is a proof that you are a genuine tea businessman.
Or, you may take 1 Bag / approx 35 kg tea @ Rs 200 per kg excluding transport charges.

Payment System
You may deposit money in our bank account for Sample tea.
Numbers are -- Alpana Dhar, A/C No-10631000036708, IFSC No- HDFC0001063, HDFC Bank, Silchar - Assam.
Or at Nilanjan Dhar, ID- 310119309, A/c No - 3246221369, Post Office Savings Bank Account, Silchar Head Post Office, Assam.
Or at PhonePe 9435700934@axl Or 9435700934@paytm or Gpay Id localmatrimonials-1@okicici
You may deposit money in our bank account to buy our tea.
Number is- Originalitea Private Limited A/c No- 03451100002798, IFSC PSIB0000345, Punjab & Sindh Bank, Silchar - Assam
Sample - Please deposit Minimum ₹ 600 for main 6 Tea samples, and Maximum ₹ 1000 for 10 sample. Then Whatsapp your full address with pin code and payment receipt. Next day, we will courier it.
Tea Order - Please ring/whatsapp us to order tea, please deposit at least Rs 20000 as advance within Saturday to book the tea you want and whatsapp your address, Pan Number or GST number and your detail requirement.
We will issue Proforma Invoice after receiving advance.
Balance payment within next Wednesday. Delivery on Friday. If for some reason, we cannot fulfill your requirement, money will be returned to your bank account within next Saturday.

How to test tea with our tea samples
You know that we give 100 gram samples of each grades that you order. This sample is sufficient to make 40 cups of tea.
If you are an experienced tea tester, then you follow your normal procedure of testing tea.
But if you are not an experienced tea taster then follow this procedure.
Just you are required to make a cup of tea exactly as you always make a cup of tea.
Only these points should be followed.
1. Put water the in heating bowl after measuring it. Everytime you are required to put same quanity of water in the bowl for testing tea.
Boil the water for a fixed time. Everytime, you will boil water for same time.
Now put 2 and half gram of tea and boil it for, again for a fixed time and note down the time. Alternatively, you can measure your home tea and put equal quanity of our tea in bowl.
If you mix milk and sugar, mix it as you always mix it with your preferred tea. Just remember, quantities of milk and sugar must be same in all cups of tea.
Now taste it and mark it in a scale of 1 to 10.
It will be better to make your regular cup first and then make other cups one after the other.
You do not require to drink entire cup of tea, just take 4/5 sips then rate it in a piece of paper.
One very important point, you must remember that generally all packet tea uses 4/5 grades to make their blend. So when you test the sample, you are also required to make similar blend to do a fare and correct test of sample tea.
You will find established tea testing procedure in our EXPERT page.

BP @ ₹ 188

PD @ ₹ 290

BOPsm @ ₹ 290

BOPL @ ₹ 175

BP @ ₹ 175
Click Image to Zoom.

Our Tea on 17-01-22 No Digital Modification has been Done
except resizing. But it is always better to check actual tea samples. Because images do not represent actual quality.
You may Mail us at Assam Tea
  Retail Price for Gujarat

Gujarat Tea Brand

Different Tea Qualities

Assam tea buying time.
Assam tea is full of all good things that you can think of. One of these many good things of Assam tea is that it is being taken by all and at all time of the year and at all time of the day and almost all time of night. This, along with other numerous healthy benefits of Assam tea including low price, it is very easy to market and sale.
You can buy it throughout the year and sell it throughout the year.
But if you want to buy it directly from tea plantation, best time to start buying it from the month of end March.
New tea season for Assam, Dooars and Darjeeling tea starts in the month of March. New fresh leaves start coming up after couple of months of lull period. New eye soothing soft leaf comes out and one can make good tea with those tender leaf.
Then come second flush at june to August. Both Assam, Dooars and Darjeeling, Tripura Tea gardens makes their best tea during this second flush.
Please check for more information.
After August, quality of Assam, Tripura or Darjeeling Tea start coming down. Strength of liquor and brightness come down. Then you require more quantity, may be one full spoon tea leaf for making a cup of quality tea. Generally, Assam tea quality remains Best to Better till November. During December it comes down to Good quality. From January onward, it becomes avarage quality and low priced. So best time to buy Assam tea is March to is half of December. But if you want cheap Assam tea for mixing with better quality Assam tea then January to February is the best time.

Low Price Tea

Tea Grades Description
Many new tea businessmen are often becomes confused about Primary, Secondary or RP Tea. For easy understanding, we have decided to put explanation OF Primary, Secondary and Reprocessed Tea. When new green leaf is processed and graded, primary tea is made. Primary tea is the best quality of every tea factory.
But a small percentage of this tea, depending on quality of green leaf, may be of less weight or contains more fiber or may not be in acceptable size. This tea is required to be re sorted. This re sorted tea is called Secondary tea. Due to re sorting, it looses some of its bloom and strength.
Reprocessed tea stands below secondary grade. When green leaf is processed, fiber, unacceptable size, tea balls comes out of Drier and Sorting machines. This is re cut in CTC machines as if new tea is being made including drying and sorting. This is called Reprocessed tea. Since it has been made from the residue of original green leaf, quality goes down.
We have given below images with relevent descriptions.
Actual product may slightly vary due to limitations of camera.
Secondary or Reprocessed tea are size wise same to its primary counterpart. But quality wise lower.

Primary Grades--- When we finish processing tea, its comes out of Drier in mixed sizes and shapes.

Then it is graded according to its sizes.
Top of the list is B O P L--Means Broken Orange Pekoe Large. Its the biggest size in CTC tea. Good in aroma, Good Orane colour but light in liquor. Since size is big and traditionally most of India is not habituated with this size, so it is not very popular everywhere in India. Genearally, tea gardens always try to to make or totally avoid making BOPL. BopL is mostly used in blending with other tea for its flavour and colour properties. Price wise also cheper than other smaller grades.

B P S--Means Broken Pekoe Sauchong.

it comes after B O P L in size but taste generally better than B O P L. it is also not easy to to differentiate between BOPL and BPs, size wise, even for an expert. Like BopL, BPs is also not extensively used. It gives better colour, better liquor and sufficient aroma in comparison to B O P L. Like BOPL, it is also mainly used to in blending. We get it through 8 holes per inch in a mesh.

B O P--stands for Broken Orange Pekoe.

It comes after B P S in size but taste generally better than B O P L. It is also popular with domestic as well as internation household buyers. It gives better colour, better liquor and sufficient aroma in comparison to BPs. We get it through 10 holes per inch in a mesh. Bop is more popular than its bigger grades.


B O P S M--is shortform for Broken Orange Pekoe Small. Size wise it comes after Bop. It contains both liquor and flavour. Actually more flavour. It is very popular among household consumers. Since its size is well accepted by consumers, a prospective wholealer can solely sell this grade. Those who prefer decent tea, neither strong nor mild with tea aroma, like BOPsm.
For getting B O P S M, you require 12 holes per inch in a mesh.

B P-- Means Broken Pekoe.

Size wise its an ideal size, appearance eye pleasing, contains both strong liquor and nice aroma. In all tea grades, BP comes exactly middle size. it is Very popular among household consumers and high end hotels. Normal tea consumers, who take tea with milk, BP is preferred by them. To get B P, you need 14 holes per inch in a mesh.

B P Sm-- Means Broken Pekoe Small.

Smaller than B P, contains stronger liquor, popular among big hotels and households. Here you require 18 holes per inch in a mesh. You may use it for your Brand

OF--Short form of Orange Fannings. Size is eye pleasing like B P and B P Sm. Contains strong liquor.

Popular with all hotels, restaurant, tea stalls etc and to some extent among domestic consumers. For making OF grade, your mesh must have 22 holes per inch. OF taste stronger and looks good also. You can even start your Brand with OF.

P D-- P D stands for Pekoe Dust. is above PF and Dust and below OF- size wise.

Popular with tea stalls, restaurant due to its strong and quick liquor. Generally P D gives nice coloured tea.You require 26 holes per inch in your sorting mesh.

Dust-- You understood it clearly. It is simple and pure tea dust. The final and smallest size. It gives strongest colour and liquor. Very popular with tea stalls. But should be used with other grades. Otherwise, it resembles more like dirt. to get this smallest sizes, you need to use 30 holes per inch mesh.

We call B O P S M, B P and B P S M are premium grades and these are costlier than other primary grades.
Secondary grades are described with same name but with an 1 at the end. Like B P1, B O P S M1, of1. Secondary grades contains all characteristics of primary grades but in lesser quantity.
For example B P1 will look similar to B P but B P1 will be somewhat brownish. It will contain less liquor, less aroma and also less bloom. Similarly all secondary grades are similar sizes of theirs primary counter part but contain less qualities then the primaries.

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